Design case – Akzo Nobel sponsored Ocean Race Team

Showcasing Scrolling Dynamics

As a designer, showing how items move on a page when scrolling is important, making it easier for developers to implement the desired behaviour. Demonstrating scrolling dynamics is a useful way to achieve this.

Discovery moment

When working on a project for Akzo Nobel, we created a dynamic site for their sailing team participating in the Volvo Ocean Race. As most visitors came during the race, we wanted to use dynamic scrolling to give users a sense of the race action and break down dense information into smaller, more digestible parts. Prototyping our scrolling concept was crucial to effectively explaining, testing, and refining our idea.

On the Home Screen, you can see the route before the race starts with a countdown and a view of the route. 

Additional benefits

Creating a prototype with scrolling dynamics can help showcase the impact of small movements on user experience and provide a more complete understanding of the behaviour. Additionally, interactive prototypes allow for continuous improvements and the perfecting of ideas, benefiting all stakeholders involved.

During the race, you can view the weather information and live updates on every boat’s location. 

Click to enlarge the images to view other screens of the Akzo Nobel Team site and an overview of all the route variations.