Randstad rebranding


Randstad Groep Nederland


Redesigning Randstad, YACHT, and BMC website


Randstad’s website was updated with a new brand identity. The pages were improved for a better user experience while maintaining their functionality. The team faced the challenge of making changes incrementally while keeping the user flow optimal.

When changing teams, I rebranded and improved the brands, Yacht and BMC. This was a shift to a different target group. Together with the team, we created a concept and a next steps plan on how to make this a successful experience. Making presentations and having meetings with marketing, one of our prominent stakeholders, we achieved a lot of significant steps and impact on the users and the business.

As a UX team, we created design systems for our white label brand (used for B2B products) and the new Randstad brand. This was one of the initiatives we did together to evolve as a UX team next to inspiring, motivating and learning from others and each other.