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Recently, I had the opportunity to work on a global mobile native app. Our goal was to create a universal solution that would be recognisable and user-friendly for people in all countries. Randstad employees use the app to plan their shifts, get up-to-date with the latest news on floor level, fill in their hours and plan time off. It was an exciting project that involved integrating previous features while enhancing the user interface and user experience.

One of the challenges we faced was ensuring consistency between the mobile app and the web version. We wanted users to have a seamless experience regardless of their platform. This required close collaboration with our UX colleagues to align the design system and maintain a consistent look and feel. Because we had multiple brands, it sometimes meant switching between different brand styles and design elements.

Together with the team, we explored different concepts and designs to map out the future of the mobile product. It was essential to consider the needs and preferences of users in different countries, which sometimes meant switching between different sets of features and, therefore, multiple variations of flows and wireframes. Additionally, accommodating other languages meant dealing with varying time and date stamps, currencies, and text lengths, which added to the complexity of design management.

Another aspect of the project was creating content for the app and the app store. This involved writing descriptions, selecting images, and designing app icons. We had to work closely with marketing teams from multiple brands to ensure the content was accurate and appealing to users in each country.

Left hand with mobile on screen the Randstad app with Randstad brand, and right hand, mobile with the same app but Tempo-Team brand style.
Design is switching between the Randstad and the Tempo-team brand with the design tokens.

One of the highlights of this project was the opportunity to work with a diverse and talented team in different countries. Despite the challenges of distance and time zones, we collaborated effectively and delivered a high-quality product.

We faced additional challenges during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, but we also found new ways to connect and engage with our team. We organised virtual team-building events, and when it was possible, we had one where we prepared and tried out dishes from different countries. It was a fun and memorable experience that brought us closer as a team.

Overall, working on this globally accessible mobile app was a rewarding experience. It taught me the importance of collaboration, adaptability, and understanding users’ needs in different countries. It also showed me the power of technology to unite people, even when physically apart.

Left iPhone showing on screen randstad App Store. Right hand showing Android phone with randstad play store.
Creating content for the app and play store. Descriptions, Images (including all text translations for all countries) and app icons. Working with multiple brands’ marketing teams and devs to create an automation flow for every country release.
Annotations layer above app designs in Figma on the feedback flow.
We create an extra Figma layer on top of our design with annotations for all our screens. This version we use in confluence to document our decisions and link to all our related design items like prototypes, animations, research reports, and wireframes... When there are updates or added items, the confluence pages are updated.
Picture of a video meeting with eight people holding a paper on their head and drawing on it.
During and after covid, I worked with an amazing team that was located in multiple countries. This was one of our fun day activities.
Many people sit at multiple tables, eating food and laughing at the camera.
I was not only part of our global app team, but also I was part of a large CX team that was connected to the Marketing department. Here, we had our team building event, including our colleagues who lived in other countries. Together, we prepared and tried out all our dishes from multiple countries.
A person is holding a phone displaying the My Randstad app.

Case study - my randstad app

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