Redesigning Randstad, YACHT, and BMC website

Randstad groep Nederland

Jungle Minds


Worked on redesigning the Randstad website to its new brand ID.
The pages were being explored, tested, and recreated to keep functioning as they were or even better for the user to experience.
The challenge was to keep the user flow optimal by changing piece by piece every sprint release.

Together with some UX colleagues, we started shaping the White label design library for B2B products and the next step, beginning to create the design system for Randstad. We wanted to make the experience seamless for the user and efficient for us UX designers.

Because the Randstad group had multiple brands, the scrum team split up in various teams. The team I worked in was responsible for the people that worked or was looking for work as a professional.
We were creating a BMC website from scratch with a tight deadline. After the first release, we kept on building new features and continue optimizing the released ones by checking the users and analytics. In the meanwhile, we started redesigning the YACHT site.
With no deadline, we could start with proper research on the user and existing site. Our conclusion, start with the lower hierarchy pages and then build-up to the homepage. I learned that communicating with marketing and brand teams is very important to make your product work. They need to know your concept and ideas of how to create an online page, and what is the end goal.

As a member of the UX team (without a UX lead), we were responsible for inspiring, learn, and grow from each other.

Randstad project