My Randstad app

Women holding a phone with the Randstad app.

We developed a globally accessible mobile native app that integrates previous features while enhancing the user interface and user experience.

Randstad rebranding

Randstad’s website was updated with a new brand identity. The pages were improved for a better user experience while maintaining their functionality.


Creating a new concept and identity for the first spring edition conference and visualizing this into a website.

Track & Trace

Working on two website tools: Booking and Track&Trace, for numerous countries. together with  Po’s, developers, and testers to keep improving the user experience and collaborate with other UX designers to create a seamless user journey.

ABN AMRO Bank Corporate

ABN AMRO Bank Corporate Client ABN AMRO Marketing Project Pitch and design ABN AMRO Bank Corporate site Assignment We won a pitch for a redesign and set out to create a component library in a new style that would lead the way for the future. The challenge we faced was making sure that the components […]


Connect Client Exact Project Exact Connect Assignment Our small, dynamic team has successfully launched an MVP platform connecting entrepreneurs with reliable accountants. We took a research-driven approach and worked with experienced strategists to create a tool to help both parties interact smoothly. Our platform is optimised for mobile and web, with its unique brand identity […]