Randstad rebranding

Randstad’s website was updated with a new brand identity. The pages were improved for a better user experience while maintaining their functionality.


Creating a new concept and identity for the first spring edition conference and visualizing this into a website.

Track & Trace

Working on two website tools: Booking and Track&Trace, for numerous countries. together with  Po’s, developers, and testers to keep improving the user experience and collaborate with other UX designers to create a seamless user journey.

ABN AMRO Bank Corporate

ABN AMRO Bank Corporate Client ABN AMRO Marketing Project Pitch and design ABN AMRO Bank Corporate site Assignment We won a pitch for a redesign and set out to create a component library in a new style that would lead the way for the future. The challenge we faced was making sure that the components […]


Connect Client Exact Project Exact Connect Assignment Our small, dynamic team has successfully launched an MVP platform connecting entrepreneurs with reliable accountants. We took a research-driven approach and worked with experienced strategists to create a tool to help both parties interact smoothly. Our platform is optimised for mobile and web, with its unique brand identity […]

Showcasing Scrolling Dynamics

Female with a laptop on a lap displaying the website VOR race

Design case – Akzo Nobel sponsored Ocean Race Team Showcasing Scrolling Dynamics As a designer, showing how items move on a page when scrolling is important, making it easier for developers to implement the desired behaviour. Demonstrating scrolling dynamics is a useful way to achieve this. Discovery moment When working on a project for Akzo […]

Development-Ready Motion Assets

A person is holding a phone displaying the My Randstad app.

Design case – My Randstad App Development-Ready Motion Assets “Yes, very nice animation, but too much effort for devs to create; we put it on the backlog for later”. Most of the time, this will happen during the sprint refinement. This is because most design tools can create detailed animations that look fantastic but are […]

Crafting an Effective Yacht Strategy

Man holding iPad with website

Design case – Yacht Responsive Website Crafting an Effective Yacht Strategy As an agile/scrum team, we had the opportunity to redesign and improve the Yacht website. After conducting market research, it became clear that Yacht presented a significant opportunity as a brand within a market segment not covered by its leading brand, Randstad. Images of […]